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Lash Chat Training Manual Templates.


Here at The Lash Chat, our purpose is to empower every lash technician in the industry and provide our knowledge and assistance. We now want to help your training career take the next step. 


We have teamed up with @cocos.houseofdesign to bring you 10% off her design services to customise your manuals to how you want them, match your branding and to level up your training game.


The manual templates have been used successfully over the past couple years by lash trainers around UK and UAE.


Once you have edited the manual to how you wish, you will then need to get them accredited by an accreditation company such as ABT or lashinc (both of these manuals are pre-approved for accreditation). Once your manual is fully accredited, you’ll be ready to start teaching!




Once purchased you then will be able to download the PDF template to use as it is or edit via Adobe Acrobat or you can use your preferred designer to edit the manuals according to your style. 


These templates cannot be distributed or licensed to anyone other than the original purchaser (and used for training with your students only). So please do not share your manual template with others.


I’ve brought the manual templates can I now start teaching?

No. You must be a qualified teacher & You will need to get your manual fully accredited before you can start teaching.


How do I edit the manuals? 

Cocos house of design is offering 10% off for customers that purchase the manual templates to have them fully custom designed to fit your branding (or even have your branding designed aswell!) or you can send off the manuals to your chosen designer or even edit them yourself using adobeor simply keep it as is but apply your own front cover with your own logo and touch. 


Manuals & pages 

Classic manual has 30 pages

Volume manual has 31 pages

This is based of being printed one sided.


If you have any questions at all, please email or

for more information or guidance.


All files are subject to copyright and must not be resold or shared to third party companies as this will breach copyright and license use of the manuals.


Copyright ©️ THELASHCHAT

All rights reserved by Thelashchat 


Pages: 31

Format: Adobe PDF


Please note, This is only a manual and will not give you a qualification without taking a lash course.

Volume Manual Template

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