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Ladies Networking Brunch | 25th July 2021

The Lash Chat Hosted It's biggest networking brunch ever! 


The Lash Chat hosted a Ladies networking brunch on 25th July 2021 and what a success it was. with over 70 attendees to the networking brunch and over 200 afterparty guests, every person left the event feeling uplifted, fulfilled and motivated to thrive higher within their profession. 


The reason behind the event was to bring beauticians, lash artists and other empowering business owners together and have the chance to network with upmarket big brands whilst within a relaxed and enjoyable environment. It is safe to say everyone let their hair down with one, two maybe more, Pornstar Martinis! 

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What was included?


The brunch consisted of a 2 course meal and a welcome cocktail on arrival with exclusive entry to the afterparty.

All guests were occupied with networking icebreakers, music and entertainment throughout the night. 


Our Business Partners

The Lash Chat are honoured to have partnered with iconic brands who provided goodie bags for all guests, including LashBase, London Lash, Me Lash, Blink, La Beauty Lab, this was a sell-out event. 


The beauty industry is full of talent and so much potential and we have really pushed to create events like this to elevate and showcase this and everything that the industry has to offer. Seeing everyone come together and inspire one another within one of The Lash Chat’s events is exactly why we do what we do and we will continue to do so.


Don't worry girl

If you missed out on the last events, the new event will be announced soon. Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest announcements!

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