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Helping entrepreneurs to start, improve and grow successful!

Discover about Thelashchat, the fast-growing brand and the woman behind it all.

Inspiring & Empowering women daily.

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The Lash Chat was established in 2019 to empower women in the lash community. 


The Lashchat’s main aim is to connect not just lash technicians but everyone in the beauty industry to create a network of support, helping people to build their businesses to the best of their ability. By putting people in contact with others in the industry, we can help one another to build our profile, learn from each other and give each other the tools needed to make our businesses thrive through our networking events and our training courses that we provide. 


The Lash Chat is whatever you need it to be. A business seminar, a helping hand, a mentor, a business to look up to or an exciting training opportunity. With every event being different each time it will still primary focus on networking and encouraging you to make life long friends within the industry and supporting each other’s businesses. 


Here at The Lash Chat we allow you to escape your everyday busy life of a lash technician and enter a whole new dimension of the lash industry. Not only we host amazing events, we also host regular podcasts covering topics on the latest trends, entertaining discussions with intriguing guest speakers. The Lash Chat community has an eye for everyone, we give credit where credit’s due by organising awards and competitions. We always have something for you to look forward to.

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Let's celebrate together & network!

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