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We're thrilled to bring you a unique live event that caters to lash artists of all levels. This competition is designed to encourage creativity and skill development. The day has three categories in the morning and three in the afternoon, where competitors showcase their lash skills on a model in their chosen category. Our judging process is fair and impartial, and will be a 'blind' process, with industry experts evaluating the work using a point system.

Our competition is all about recognising talent. After the competition, there's an award ceremony with 12 winner trophies and 12 second-place medals. 1st place winners not only get fantastic prizes but also a golden ticket to The Lash Awards on November 2nd where they are automatically entered into an exclusive category for the most competitive lash artist, where the overall winner is announced on the night of The Lash Awards which takes place in Birmingham and is the worlds first beauty industry specific awards. To find out more about The Lash Awards, click here.


9:15am: Registration / Go over rules 
9:30am: Artist & Model Set Up
10.00am: Round 1
12:30pm: Round 1 Judging / Break 
1.00pm: Registration for Round 2
1:30pm: Round 2 
4.00pm: Round 2 Judging 
5.00pm: Awards


  • 1st Place Trophy

  • £250 LashBase Gift Card

  • Me Lash Products ( Lash Serum, Totebag, Tweezers) 

  • Entry to the lash awards & entry into “the best lash competitive lash artist”


Each competitor receives a personalised score sheet with feedback for improvement and a goodie bag. It's a great opportunity to be recognised for your artistry, compete for the title of an award-winning lash artist, and join us for a day filled with professional growth and celebration!



Lashing is all about precision, creativity, and making people feel beautiful. But even the most skilled lash techs can get stuck in a rut. That's where lash competitions like The Live Lash Competition come in! These events offer a chance to push your boundaries, learn from the best, and take your lash game to the next level. Challenge Lash competitions are designed to push you outside your comfort zone. Whether it's mastering a new technique, working with a specific theme, or applying lashes under pressure, these events will help you refine your skills and discover your hidden talents. Confidence There's nothing quite like the feeling of having your work recognised by industry experts. Even if you don't win, simply participating in a competition can give you a huge confidence boost and validate your skills as a lash artist. Practice Competitions provide a fantastic opportunity to practice a specific lash look under timed conditions. This focused practice will not only perfect your technique but also help you manage your time more effectively when working with clients. Boost Winning a lash competition is a major marketing win for your business! You can show your achievement on social media, your website, and even display your certificates/ trophies in your salon. This recognition can attract new clients and you could even increase your prices for your services if you win. Improve Competitions involve being judged by experienced lash professionals. Their feedback, whether positive or constructive, is a goldmine of information. Use their insights to identify areas for improvement and elevate your overall lash artistry. Network Lash competitions aren't just about winning – they're also about building connections! These events offer a chance to meet fellow lash artists, share experiences, and learn from each other. In an industry that can sometimes feel isolating, competitions provide a valuable opportunity to connect with your lash community. So, are you ready to take your lash artistry to the next level? Enter The Live Lash Competition and see the amazing things you can achieve!



The Lash Live Competition will take place at The Clayton hotel in Cambridge, home to the prestigious University of Cambridge. The venue is a two minute walk from Cambridge train station which has a large public car park. The train station has great links to many destinations. If you need to stay the night before and/or the night of, The Clayton hotel will be issuing us with discount codes for rooms. Alternatively, there is an ibis hotel next door to the train station.  

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